Down the Darkest Road by Kylie Brant

Down the Darkest Road audiobook cover art

Narrated by: Christina Traister

I reviewed the previous book of the series: here, and I have to say this book was even better in both the storytelling and the brilliant audiobook narration. Cady Maddix finally has some answers to her past, and she can now learn to cope and process that information.

The story begins with a chase, Cady is on the lookout for a man(Bruce Forrester) who is thought to have abducted a woman. She is a US Marshall with the specific task of finding and bringing wanted people in (at the federal level). Her search for him leads her down some old cases and a family fleeing from this very same man. The investigation has many tentacles, each leading down a different path and through it all. Cady is coming to grips with her past and what the facts say about it. Her budding relationship with Ryder is taking on a whole new shape as well. It added an extra facet to the woman and had me more than a little involved in cheering her on.

It is incredibly fast-paced and had some very unexpected twists, the kind I did not even think would be required to tie up the pieces of the story together! There is a lot of action, and also a lot of detail about the procedural processes but the lighter banter amongst colleagues and the introduction of Ryder’s mother into the uneasy mix were all welcome additions. I highly recommend getting to this only after having made your acquaintance with the lead characters in the first book just to keep the same pace as they do.

I look forward to the third book in the works.

My last KU review was Smoke & Summons by Charlie N. Holmberg, and my queue now looks like this:

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