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How I Broke Up with My Colon by Nick Seluk, The Awkward Yeti

This Book is available to request on NetGalley till the 24th of March

This collection was not what I expected at all(since I did not pay attention to the tagline)! It is also an infrequent occurrence for that reaction to be followed by actual enjoyment. I follow the Awkward Yeti on Instagram, previously Fb and even read the previous compilation. This time, the collection is not a set of jokes. It is the graphic narration of medical cases that actually happened to people!

By graphic narration I mean actually that. Our favourite organs play the roles of the actual organs in trouble, and the Yeti also makes some appearances. They were a combination of funny, weird, wacky and unbelievable. All the stories were a combination of all those previously mentioned descriptions, while a few were a little serious. The most comic was the one about the teeth!! I could read that one a couple of times over and laugh every time, something that I usually do not do.

I received this ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my reading experience with this one. The only bias I have is due to my previous reading of the Awkward Yeti comic strip (and therefore, familiarity with the ‘organs’) and enjoying the experience.



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