Drama, Mystery

The House by the Sea by Louise Douglas

This book took my breath away in some ways. I started it without glancing at the blurb, and since it has been a while since I had it with me, I had no recollection of the contents to help me. You know the feeling when you jump into a cold pool/water and then swim to get the feeling back? That’s what I did a couple of chapters in.

Edie is on a walk when she gets a call. Her ex-mother-in-law passed away peacefully and yet again is reaching out to her. Edie has harboured hate for a decade by the time this call comes, and she wants to hold on to it. The feeling that you are not in control of the world and how Edie comes to terms with her emotions for the core of the narrative. I was always a couple of steps ahead of all the revelations, but I still enjoyed their arrival for the sake of Edie and Joe. In the atmospheric setting of an almost abandoned villa in Sicily and a community which comes to their aid when an unknown person or persons is attacking them, Edie and Joe want to start afresh.

This is a sweeping story even though the timeline is quite short, we do not have a dual narrative or even an older perspective-just Edie’s, but through her eyes and how she watches the relationships around her moult( I loved the usage of this word in the story), she learns, grows and heals. It should have seemed absurd, the change in our leading lady’s attitude from the first chapter to the middle of the book, but it did not. It felt quite real. All the side characters were very entertaining and added to the colour in the book, and the writing was very refreshing to read.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is on the lookout for a family drama with mysteries and a dark undertone throughout (almost).

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, the review is solely based on my own reading experience.

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