A Place Called Fear (Maggie Novak Thriller #2) by Keith Houghton

It is surprising, once again, how quickly scheduled posts run their course and one is staring at a day with nothing scheduled. This is not too bad because it forces me to sit down and put words together and publish. I am reading almost non-stop in the quiet time, so I have enough to get a couple of decent posts, but it is just scary how fast days overlap and weeks get eaten by!

A Place Called Fear audiobook cover art

Narrator: Karen Peakes

I read and reviewed the first book of the series: Don’t Even Breathe last month and I only did that because I saw a new book had come out in the series and I always like picking something up knowing that if I like it, there are more out there of the same.

This instalment of Maggie Novak and her life are very different from the previous case. It is personal in a different way. It all begins with one phone call, at an inopportune moment and Maggie is asked if she has heard from a colleague of hers. Since it is New Year’s eve, Maggie is distracted (as well as a surprising personal matter), but the question becomes more pressing the next day. This then starts an investigation which holds Maggie hostage the next few days. It is constant go, and the great narration and writing manage to convey the restlessness, the tiredness as well as the worry and thought that Maggie pours into the investigation. The ending and one or two of the revelations were not surprising but unravel well enough to be appreciated.

It is an extremely faced paced police procedural with Maggie working against the clock to narrow down the actual sequence of events and to identify the culprit. Her life is threatened more times in this adventure than I had expected.

The thing I liked the most about Maggie’s personal life was this internal dialogue she has about her boyfriend. Her friends and generally exciting storytelling are all against them as a couple. But the way she analysis the situation and the final realization that she has felt a little unique in the era of many well written romantic thrillers with dashing duos fighting crime together.

My last KU review was: The Last Sister (Columbia River #1) by Kendra Elliot and my queue now looks like this:

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