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Subject A36: The Colony Series Book One by Teri Polen

Book is available on NetGalley till the 30th of March

I have been testing the waters with different dystopian books in the past couple of years. Each brings something different to the table. The strongest foundation of a dystopian situation for me (I have come to realise) is if the plot based on current trends and some facts related to those trends. In the world we are to enter gene modification for health has extended itself to something a lot more superficial. The explanations are part of the narrative, so I will refrain from revealing anything further.

We have viewpoints of many people in the story, both good and bad but our main voice is Asher. He is the boy/man of the moment, he lives with insurgents who regularly try to prevent ‘The Colony’ from abducting more people for their nefarious purposes. I have to admit the secret reveal was pretty evident from the beginning, given the numerous hints we are provided but the writing was good, and I was caught up with the people enough to want the best for them regardless. One reveal did take me by surprise, and it did add a whole other layer to the story. There is a lot of descriptions of the emotional bonds between people and how they function. It is a very vivid portrayal and gives the necessary depth to (still) teenagers who had to grow up before their time. This was one of those books where the age and the actions of the people did not bother me much given the hardships of the world they live in.

With regards to the world-building itself, we are given the barest of glimpses. The rest is hopefully to be revealed in the following books. The glimpses we are given only show us how the scientific side is assembled and their priorities but not the Government and what that might look like. The ending is a cliffhanger, and that is an important thing to note for those who may not like such a state without the next instalment in hand.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based solely on my own reading experience.

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