Bitter Falls by Rachel Caine

Narrated by: Emily Sutton-Smith, Michael Crouch, Dan John Miller, Lauren Ezzo, Will Ropp

Stillhouse Lake audiobook cover art Killman Creek audiobook cover art Wolfhunter River audiobook cover art

This is the kind of series that the general public feels has run its course with regards to the storyline. This particular visit to stillhouse lake shows how persecution does not end when we put a book away. Every time Gwen and her family feel they have rounded a corner, old troubles resurface and bare even more prominent fangs. Gwen has a better job now, something she is using to her advantage, but it puts her in the crosshairs of even more danger. She and the rest of her family sound equally exasperated with the hand that fate continues to deal them.

Gwen is going through the motions when her home is threatened and the case of a missing college boy is brought to her. Her investigation makes things look even more suspect and her children are struggling to lead normal lives. This case is almost an extension of something they faced earlier, but the main action parts happen in quick succession, and before we can blink the events are all wrapped up. I love the mega cast of voices that listening to the audiobook entails. If you have been following this series, then I recommend giving this a go as well. There is another book scheduled in the series if I am right. I will pick it up albeit warily just to be cautious.

My last KU review was: In the Dark by Loreth Anne White and my queue now looks like this:

36204075 Ambush audiobook cover art The Heiress of Linn Hagh audiobook cover art Thief River Falls audiobook cover art The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock audiobook cover art Don't Look Down audiobook cover art Origami Man audiobook cover art Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (AmazonClassics Edition) audiobook cover art The Case of the Sulky Girl audiobook cover art The Snow Gypsy audiobook cover art

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