Non Fiction

Hidden Places by Sarah Baxter

It is a little hard to review books like this. One prominent reason in my mind is that by highlighting lesser travelled locations aren’t we in the danger of losing that place to the rising tide of travellers/visitors? Once I get past that thought and see each individual site mentioned here, I could move on to just enjoying them at the moment and not overthinking.

This is a collection of lesser-known gems of places, each with something unique to offer. Some of them are quite close to some other more well-known tourist ‘traps’. I loved the gist of the stories that went with each description, it was surprisingly just the right amount. A little more than a snippet of knowledge but not too deep that it would be hard to talk about if you or someone else brought the topic up or even just remember the salient facts of. I only wish the pictures had been real ones. The artist did an excellent job, and although the paintings/drawings of the scenes are beautiful, I would have appreciated the content even more with actual pictures, preferably in high definition!

I have had friends (or at least one) who have made many adventures holidays and while I do not necessarily ever plan to emulate them (I like my basic creature comforts), I love hearing about it. This entire book felt like the author was narrating a story of her trip, and that felt nice. I recommend this to people who like general knowledge about locations, and I think it can spark many conversations about the histories of those places.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience

I am including as #3. Social Science (because of the information that goes with the geographic locations) in my Non-Fiction Challenge 2020


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