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Falafel with Hot Sauce by Michel Kichka

I seem to be stumbling on some weighty graphic novels of late. This is no exception. I had not heard of the author before or seen his work. I just noticed it was based in a time and place that I had little to no knowledge of and I set out to rectify that.

I liked the art of the book, the emotions of the characters from weariness to anger – everything was described without actually saying the words. It spans the life of Michel Kichka from when he first went to Israel and almost to the present time. It covers a lot of ground, with a lot of emotions and upheaval within the pages. I was only jarred by the constant back and forth of the timeline. In some places, I enjoyed the effect and not so much in the others. I was already trying to absorb a lot and would have loved it if had been broken into chapters and the chronology varied within that or overall kept to a steady change to time. This is his life, and he goes through a lot to get to the point he has, and the panels shine that message through.

He witnesses many political changes, and his growing family also contributes to the country that he chooses to move to and settle in. It is not for light reading but quite an interesting one and taught me a few things. It had me thinking about parts of the world that I do not regularly get a chance to ever consider. I highly recommend this to anyone who is okay with reading this format and is interested in looking at life in Israel in the past few decades.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my reading experience.

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