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Willa and the Whale by Chad Morris; Shelly Brown

I may not read a lot of books targeting a younger audience, but I do try and pick up the ones I feel interested in. I recently really enjoyed one but did not gel entirely with it. We have a precocious main character who is well versed in Marine Biology because of her mother. The grief she is coping with, and her bonds with all the people around her seem authentic, but it was the narrative voice that did not seem to suit in the sense that it felt a little stilted.

Willa has lost her mother and had to move in with her step-family and is finding it hard to get her rhythm. A whale then speaks to her and continues communication, talking her through making new relationships and seeing things around her differently. There are a lot of marine facts thrown into the mix, and that will interest those kids who seek general knowledge. Will has a perfect growth arc, and she learns that she isn’t always right in her assumptions of those around her, something that even adults need reminding of.

I am sure it will interest children of a certain age, it has all the right pieces of a story.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based only on my own reading experience.

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