Ambush by Barbara Nickless

Ambush audiobook cover art

Narrated by: Emily Sutton-Smith

I have reviewed the previous books of the series below:

Blood on the Tracks audiobook cover art Dead Stop audiobook cover art

The pacing of this series maintains the feel of walking on a knife’s edge as we finally get a few answers to all the dropped hints from the beginning. When we first meet Sydney Rose, we find out she has two secrets. One is that she sees ghosts and another is her shame for the events that happened when she was deployed overseas. It may now be time to right some things from secret number 2. We start the story in Mexico where we finally meet one elusive character that the author has built up enough emotion about for us to enjoy the meeting. Then when the deaths start to pile up there, we move back to Colorado where things are spiralling. Our leading lady has to battle practically unsurmountable odds including telling the current man in her life her truth.

The fast pace ensures that we do not take our eyes (or in my case ears) off of the chaos that engulfs her. All characters introduced to us are very interesting with many facets and this adds to the reading experience. There is another instalment due next and I think this series is a solid entry for anyone on the lookout for a thriller series, just not for the faint of heart because of the graphic descriptions.

I have been having some trouble getting to my audible listening because I am only going out once in two weeks as opposed to more frequently, which has narrowed down the time I spend listening to books considerably. My previous KU review was: Bitter Falls by Rachel Caine and my queue now looks like this:

36204075  Thief River Falls audiobook cover art The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock audiobook cover art Don't Look Down audiobook cover art Origami Man audiobook cover art Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (AmazonClassics Edition) audiobook cover art The Case of the Sulky Girl audiobook cover art The Snow Gypsy audiobook cover art My Way to You audiobook cover art Hide Away audiobook cover art


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