Thriller, Young Adult/Children

Confessions About Colton by Olivia Harvard

This book had a very promising start. The narration was well done, and it was really fast-paced. It built up to a crescendo and then just fizzled into a bizarre ending. I will step back and explain from the beginning. Our narrator Elliot is an intriguing person. He is very realistically portrayed, and it is easy to empathize with him for the most part.

This story, however, is about his friend Colton. Colton vanished in his final school year for a while, and no one knew where. After his untimely death, Elliot gets one letter after another urging him with confessions about Colton’s truths and declaring him/herself the killer. What follows is a very tension wrought time with Elliot trying to solve the puzzle without getting into trouble, and things start to get both more apparent and murkier in equal measure. All of this was done very well and increased my expectation of the result because I could not imagine who the culprit could be! Then the ending and the revelations happen, and however, I tried to get my mind around it, I just could not find the train of thought and action believable. In the simple non-spoiler format, I would have to say the killer defeated the purpose of killing Colton by doing what he/she did. This last bit did not let me enjoy the book, but I would still recommend it to others (who are not as picky as me) because the writing and pacing stay consistently good throughout.

I received an ARC of the book in its latest version thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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