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How Not To Be A Loser by Beth Moran

Book is available for request till the 24th of March

Can I start by saying how deeply annoyed I was with this books cover( as seen above)? The writing was so great, and the depiction of a thirty-two-year-old woman was so realistic that it irked me even more (considering I am turning thirty-two myself this year). Amy Piper is a woman who was once a national/international sportswoman who by her own descriptions has not had training in two decades. She is also now an agoraphobe, meaning she has had no exercise for a while. This coupled with all the other statements suggest that even if she trained a lot, she can’t look like the person in the pic and that felt like a let down given how invested I was in the storyline, I wish publishers would consider this in the future because it was a crucial aspect of the storyline.

Now that the ranting part of my review is over, I will move on to the reasons I loved this book. I made the grave mistake of thinking I will read a few sample chapters before I head off to sleep at night and struggled with putting it away and delayed my bedtime by at least an hour and only because the kindle showed me that it was at 50% done and I like round numbers like that. Amy Piper has a secret, several actually but the main one is a more open one, she has not left her house in ages. I liked the narrative style, it drew me and kept me completely intrigued by this substantial burden that Amy struggles with. Her life is to take a turn for the better, but this change is not instantaneous, it is gruellingly, realistically slow. We check-in at essential junctures of her ‘How not to be a Loser’ plan, her words not mine. There is a subtle layer of humour throughout the book, even during the tough times making it a delight to read even as I shed silent tears.

Here’s one example: Cafe owner’s name is Chris and the ‘we’ are a running group of women who are sweating heavily after a good morning run

“So Chris wanted us out by eight to give the fumes to disperse. We pondered that lovely thought for a few seconds”

I can’t cheer enough for the supporting cast in this tale, they are all also equally real with their own problems and attitudes but have a good heart and the energy to back up their ‘good deeds’. It is definitely uplifting in the truest sense of the word and more about the capacity of a person that the outward image that they present (hence, my problem with the cover).

I highly recommend giving this book a shot if you like reading about lovable characters with a game plan and a splendid growth arc.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is solely based on my own reactions to reading the book.


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