Chick lit

The Break Up by Tilly Tennant

In the middle of reading other genres, I usually slip in one of the more romantic ones periodically just to keep it different. I started with that thought in mind. This was not as light-hearted as the cover indicates but maintains an upbeat steady pace throughout the narrative, sometimes amping up the situation with breakneck speed instances which had my mind spinning a little keeping track of all the goings-on.

Lara is thrown into a sudden nosedive and having to shake things up, she starts a whole new life. There are two one year jumps in the narrative, one in the beginning and the other like an epilogue to tie things up neatly. Lara is a very driven character, she feels all the emotions very strongly, and that throws her into a tizzy, and she has to struggle to regain control. Her life does seem to have all the ingredients to cause her trouble. She has a fledgeling business, her cat keeps disappearing on her, her mother relies on her and finally, her past break up is still casting long shadows. I would recommend this to readers of this genre since it has all the leading formulas written well and will keep one entertained. This was a first for me from this author and the next time I see something written by her I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up!

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my reading experience.


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