Thief River Falls by Brian Freeman

Thief River Falls audiobook cover art

Narrator: January LaVoy

This started in a deceptively ordinary fashion. It had the right ambience of gloom and in the weather which suited the story. Our leading lady is a famous author and local celebrity, Lisa Power. Her life is sad and lonely when she finds a boy in her shed. The boy says that he doesn’t remember who he is or what he’s seen, but she feels like he is hiding something. I do not know how I would have reacted if I was reading it versus having heard it on audio. I was lulled by the tone of the narration, and everything seemed so straightforward that I almost gave up on it. I learnt how wrong I was a few chapters before the end. Maybe someone less confident about stories based on first impressions may be able to work it out, but I did not see it coming and felt thrilled about it enough to actually switch to the text for the final two chapters.

It is dark and dreary with a sense of unease at every corner. I think it achieved its job of living up to its cover and wrapping up an ultimately sad story but with enough of a glimmer of hope for the future that I did not feel completely bogged down by the turns the story took.

My last KU review was: Ambush by Barbara Nickless, and since I have been having tons of trouble finding just the right book to listen to in these troubled times, I have a lot of changes in the queue. I was tempted to give the new comix unlimited a chance, but I do not think I will do justice to it any time soon, so I managed to ignore it.

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