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Tigers by Paula Hammond

As the title rightly proclaims, it is a book of stunning photographs. There are enough of them to hold anyone in awe. Every time I see images like this, I wonder how the earliest people who wanted to study them felt the need to drain the life out of its eyes.

This is a pretty exciting book about tigers, but its crowning glory has to be the life shown in the images. There are facts about tigers, their lifestyles and the parts of the world where they live. There is an entire significant chapter dedicated to cubs and the relationships between them. I am not sure how much information actually was presented to me because I kept getting distracted by the (multiple times) pictures, as mentioned earlier. They are predators, and there is no mistaking the fierceness or the power in those bodies. I think this is a perfect coffee table book to have in one’s home, I would actually place it right next to one about clouds I had seen when I went for my first job interview ( I do not own a copy of the latter either, this is a fictional coffee table which also I do not have).

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my enjoyment of the time I spent within its pages.

I am adding this to #9 of my Non-Fiction Challenge 2020

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