Book Recommendations

March 2020 Books Vs Moods

This month started with a lot of gusto in terms of my reading but tapered into a somewhat weak end, with hardly any reviews in the last week.

Despite that, since I did well in the beginning, I have enough to recommend to you in this odd time that we are also (strangely enough) facing together.

In that light, I first thought I could amend my usual style since my last post: February 2020 Books Vs Moods to suit different quarantine/isolation moods. Then I realised that it works the same way still. I hope you find something new you can pick up and brighten your day from my last month’s reading.

Things you should know about my list:

  • The moods are those that I think each book will be best appreciated in.
  • Within the mood, they are not listed in any particular order.
  • All covers link back (or should) to the full reviews, in case you missed reading them earlier.
  • And if you think of a new mood I can further add to my classifications I am all ears!

Restless energy (Chase/thrill/ominous atmosphere)

Ambush audiobook cover art Thief River Falls audiobook cover art In the Dark audiobook cover art Bitter Falls audiobook cover art Don't Look Down audiobook cover art 

Rainy day read(cosy/comfortable/Tearful/Joyful)


Reading group analysis( Profound/cerebral/debatable)

51037979. sx318 sy475

Miscellaneous Character-based (These did not fit any specific mood)

  51097405. sx318 sy475

Learning Mood (For learning something new)

Surprisingly my winning mood of the month was Debatable books(book club picks)!!






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