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Hotel Du Jack And Other Stories by Dan Brotzel

I waffled quite a bit, back and forth with a lot of points for either idea about expanding on individual stories or writing an all-encompassing review. The latter plan gained more traction when I started listing out personal one line reactions and realised it would involve me saying more than the book does during a story!

This collection was unexpectedly good. I started it in a good mood, but it waned almost immediately when I realised that the stories were not all based in the titular hotel but ranged from varying genres, not sticking to any. I kept at it (luckily!) and finally after the halfway mark when I ‘got’ the author’s take, I started to enjoy every further narrative a little more than the previous and even changing my mind about the one I just wrapped up previously. Many of them are based on the difference in workload and responsibilities between men and women in any given situation. The balance between the two is also described in a few. Some focus on the home front, some on the official. There are quite a few stories where we get to learns the thinness of outer presentation and how different people are just below the surface. Even as I write this review, I have changed my mind about how much I liked this! It is purely about people, different types of them and all manner of strange behaviours.

It is the kind of collection that gets more interesting and fuller with every subsequent analysis or discussion. I was a little disappointed at it not being what I thought it would be, but in the span of putting this down in writing, I have worked out the situation and come to terms with it.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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