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Regrow Your Veggies Growing Vegetables from Roots, Cuttings, and Scraps by Melissa Raupach, Felix Lill

I chipped away at a lot of my books a chapter at a time,, so I ended up with a lot of books done on almost consecutive days and have therefore a ton of reviews to write. Hopefully, they will maintain a distinct voice and all just blur together

First, we have a book that is still available on NetGalley if anyone is interested.

This is a compact manual on how to regrow many veggies and some herbs from leftovers and what the are problems we could face. This latter part and the dedicated key on each page helped understand the process more clearly. The Key shows the level of difficulty in the process as well as light, warmth and humidity requirements. I liked the fact that it was all in one place, and there is no need to scramble about on multiple online videos to get the needed input. It is simply put and gives the period each would require that it should be easy to put into practice (with the appropriate effort, obviously). If you are even mildly interested in growing vegetables and have no previous exposure to this idea, I would highly recommend this because I intend to purchase a copy as soon as the postal services around the world are back to normal.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is only influenced by my own reading experience and my previous interest in the subject.


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