Small Mercies by Richard Anderson

This book reminded me of the tone of Staying On by C.M. Taylor

This is a very different work from my usual reads, and for that, it felt like a treat. It is a small book at just about 208 pages and is for a leisure reader. I will elaborate on what exactly that is.

We are taken to a dusty farm in Australia, parched waiting for rain and life is hard. The couple we meet have been married for years, have two sons and have been taking care of the farm. There is a shakeup in the offing, with a medical report which comes in and then they take a trip both mentally and physically. Each reveals more to them about things they have become complacent about and might make or break their lifestyles. There is not much that actually ‘happens’ in the exact sense of that word, but enough is described to keep the reader reeled in. The casual analysis of a long relationship was fascinating to watch unfold. There are sporadic thoughts given to the ethics of living on lands colonized centuries ago juxtaposed with how the richer and bigger people or corporations tale over those who are weaker. There is a lot to savour (although that might be too buoyant a word for this scenario) in this narrative, and I would highly recommend it those who like watching people’s regular lives and listening in to different thought processes. We get to hear both the voices, in turns and something is endearing about both of them, especially since we see into their deepest likes, dislikes, thoughts and fears.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.


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