Book Recommendations

May 2020 Books Vs Moods

This has been another strange month. My blogging has been in sporadic spurts of posts followed by silence. After many iterations of that process, I have higher hopes for the month of June, especially since it is usually when I do a couple of memes. My post for the last month was: April 2020 Books Vs… Continue reading May 2020 Books Vs Moods

Comics & Graphic Novel, Historical fiction

Giant by Mikael

  This was a graphic novel with very evocative artwork. Some pages had more colour than others. It is a stark, realistic take on the lives of Irish immigrants who came to work in a growing city that offered them labour in return for fostering dreams of making it big. The skyscrapers of NYC form… Continue reading Giant by Mikael

Non Fiction

We Know It When We See It by Richard Masland

It was the tagline that got me interested in reading this book. I took an elective in my undergrad, which focused on Neural Networking, and I remember loving the course and for once taking great notes( despite not being able to recollect most of the content now). I leant it to a junior immediately after… Continue reading We Know It When We See It by Richard Masland