#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashbackFriday – May 2019

My last month’s post for this meme was: #FlashbackFriday April 2019

It is hosted by Kerry @ Chat About Books (Yay Kerry!) on the first Friday of the month. It is a look back on the posts(in my case the reviews) that were made on the blog in the same month last year. I hope this month will bring much needed mental relief to everyone out there.

As always I am ever ready to participate in this meme which always unearths such interesting things that I forget. Books I enjoyed but had forgotten about and other related emotions come to the forefront. Also, this is an excuse to check out my writing the previous year and think about how far I have come or on the flip side how much more enthusiastic I was then!

I seem to have been pretty brutal in my assessments then, hopefully, this May turns out more positive. All reviews are linked back to the cover pages.

Posts of April 2019

May 2019 Books Vs Moods

Books I gave 5 Stars

34002132 41880608 42851836 17378508 44641641

Books I gave 4 Stars

44076057 40789004  43462584 The Pale Horse (Ariadne Oliver, #5) 42785284 39292610 44669057 45421678

Where the Forest Meets the Stars audiobook cover art The Voice Inside audiobook cover art 44441341 44424516

Books I gave 3 Stars

42113514 40175489 42118420 A Slice of Magic 41646621 41834733 39834295 The Broken Circle audiobook cover art 

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