Chick lit, Drama

ImPerfectly Happy by Sharina Harris

There has been a lot of discussions online about seeing positive reinforcement of women bolstering each other up. This is a prime example of one such book. We have four college friends, each with their own paths and one pair being closer friends than the other. It has been quite a few years since college… Continue reading ImPerfectly Happy by Sharina Harris


Hide Away (Rachel Marin Thriller #1) by Jason Pinter

Narrated by: Angela Dawe I am always happy when I find a new series to begin. I was mildly disappointed to find that the next in the series was not available immediately after, but I think I can wait for its publication. This series is about Rachel Marin. It begins innocuously enough with our lead protagonist… Continue reading Hide Away (Rachel Marin Thriller #1) by Jason Pinter