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The Hopes and Dreams of Libby Quinn by Freya Kennedy

I ended up reading two books about women and bookshops back to back! The mechanics of both were different since this focuses primarily on setting up the bookshop whereas the other was managing one (as you will see with my next review)

Libby Quinn has made the most significant investment in her life. She realises her life long dream. One that she shared with her grandfather (One of mine wrote books post-retirement, so I know the enthusiasm that such an association might bring. It brought back very vivid memories for me). This was to run a bookshop. Although Libby mentions her grandfather one too many times during the course of the book, he is still a driving force that you cannot ignore when it comes to the sentiments they arouse.

Libby has made a purchase without investigating what she has gotten herself into, what follows is a long, arduous journey (of ten weeks or so) where we see the sweat and toil that comes with starting something from scratch. It has a lovable community involved to spice up the story. Each person introduced brings up a new splash of colour into the narrative. We also have the older support system of parents, a high flying boyfriend and a childhood bestie. With new relationships forming, the older ones are getting shaky, and although it was all dealt with a very realistic fashion, I still wish I could be sure about how much to root for with regards to the boyfriend angle.

It is a unique book in some ways because I could actually feel the time and energy that went into getting the building repairs done, plans made and even shopping for the premises! This last bit was surprising because I usually do not have the patience to shop appropriately, or even watch someone else do it! There is a low-key romance running a thread through the entire book, and it was overall a happy, entertaining read that I would highly recommend to anyone on the lookout for books with the main protagonist being a book lover.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience and my love for books in general.

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