Chick lit

The Little Bookshop of Love Stories by Jaimie Admans

The book is still available for request on NetGalley as of the posting of this review

This is a book which reveals in its love for books in general. Hallie has lost her job – again. Her day continues to get worse till the ray of sunshine that she never expected shines through. She has won a bookshop! This startling announcement is to change the way she is living her life and even the way she perceives herself.

She waxes poetic about books every chance she gets and considering that most people will pick this book up expecting such conversations, will understand, anticipate and probably appreciate it. How she comes to grips with dealing with a failing bookshop, assisted by a very charming artist is the bulk of the narrative. There is a lot that happens to boost her enthusiasm, the main being the numerous messages that she finds written inside books. Although most of them are charming and lead to very cutesy endings, there are one or two which throw in the normal to balance the situation out. The narration borders on magical realism when referring to the shop but does not really commit to that angle and therefore does not interfere with the story. Hallie’s family is totally believable too. They tease her and misunderstand her enthusiasm on an average day but when required rise up to the challenge of helping her out with no questions asked (while retaining their right to comment). I expected the twists which is not too much of a deal-breaker in this genre, if well done like in this case.

Our charmingly clumsy artist is also a bibliophile to match our leading lady’s love for books as well her capacity to be a klutz. The combination of all of the above factors made for a charming and fun read. Although I read it on the heels of a similar story, they seemed very distinct, proving that both authors have done a great job giving their heroine distinct and attractive voices.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience and my love for books.

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