Comics & Graphic Novel

Happily Ever After & Everything In Between by Debbie Tung

I have read, liked and reviewed the previous two collections by the author:

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This is a new collection and although I follow the author on Instagram, have no recollection of the panels in this book. The book consists of instances from the different stages of the author’s relationship with her husband. The conversations are cute, realistic and fun to peruse. There actually seemed to be much fewer panels in this one than in her previous collections because I read from cover to cover pretty quickly!

The drawings continue to be a joy to look at because of the uniqueness of the presentation. There is not much more I could say about a book like this except that it might make a unique gift to someone celebrating an anniversary (and has liked the author’s work before)

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience and my previous acquaintance with the comic series.

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