Drama, Romance

Hideaway by Nora Roberts

Book is available for request till the 26th of May

There was a period a few years ago when I read a lot of this author’s books (as I may have mentioned a couple of times before), but since starting my blog, I have come across few of the new works that worked as well for me. Finally, I am happy to announce that I felt very nostalgic about this one. It is a sweeping saga of the kind that the author does really well.

It begins with a boy from Ireland and the way the first chapter wound I was not sure on whom the main section of the story would be based. We end up at the great-granddaughter of our first entrant. It is a pleasant ride to see the various family members and their ties to each other before the actual story begins. I, for one, definitely did not complain. When Caitlyn Sullivan is ten, the unthinkable happens that is to set the tone of her next few decades. As a child from a famous and loving family, this incident shook all of them. I saw the minor twist coming, but given the tone of the narrative, I think we are meant to see it coming. We see decades of her life pass with change and growth through it all. The title has a deeper meaning that is explored during the unwinding of the tale. There is nothing new or shocking in the storyline. Nothing will take you by (too much of a) surprise, but this is one of those odd times that it is a good thing. Excellent writing, three-dimensional characters and a pretty unique variety of jobs. All of the previous factors brought together mean a very entertaining book. After ages, I sat with a Nora Roberts’ book from start to finish in two sittings. It is not a small one, and therefore the sessions were of several hours each, but it feels satisfying to get to the end.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my reading experience and my acquaintance with the author’s previous works.

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