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Mid Year Stats 2020

I have been extremely dull when it comes to sitting down and writing reviews. This has once again led to a whole set of reviews pending and this time, I am not even making an effort to get them down on paper. One of the reasons was the realization that I was not prepped at all in generating the graphs for my mid year post. The last two years were fun and I just wanted to ensure it doesn’t become a chore! Blocks has helped make it look more concise than previous year’s post and it was much easier to process the presentation, who knew that change isn’t always bad? So one day late I have my statistics post for my mid year look back:

Previous years’ posts:

The Highest rated book I have read thus far: Elephants by Tom Jackson

I read 175 books this year vs the 162 of last year, but I have picked up a lot more graphic novels this time around.

My Fiction vs Non fiction in different genres

Fiction vs Non Fiction is much better this year at 13% (last year 7%)

I’m happy with the improvement in the % of Male vs Female. Last year was 25 vs 75

Non Audio Page count

No.of books per genre sorted by gender. The green is when multiple authors contributed

Men & Collaborations
I may have read multiple books by the same author but have not set any filter for that. This is solely on the basis on number of books

Audio time has fallen significantly to 161 hours or 6.7 days as compared to the previous time of 296

Listening time vs narrators

My series vs standalones were at almost a 50-50 level which is also new!

Position of books in a series

Format of books that I read, significantly leaning into ARCs this year!!

Where I got those books from

Special reasons for picking up certain books:

Blogosphere recommendation7
Read other book(s) by the author7
Recommended online1
Watched Vox Video on the subject1

My translated works are better than last year at this time, mostly because many of them were comics!


Distribution of my ratings, the number of books I did not like has risen

Rating based on Genre, I have been stingy with my five stars this year, or just plain unlucky!

I am finally being less partial to physical books (or unlucky again?)

locations where the stories are based, once again better than last year

Additional locations: space 2, dystopian world 2, and entire world 14

Year of publication vs number of books
The stories were based on different years than their publications, in the terms of dual timelines I always choose the more prominent year

8 thoughts on “Mid Year Stats 2020”

    1. I picked up tips from other bloggers, and now have a set list of stuff, most of the data can be copied from Goodreads.. It’s not as time consuming as it might appear πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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  1. Wow this looks great and you had a lot data to share! I also have my own personal spreadsheet tracking different genders and page count, I might do a mid-year stats too, thanks for the idea πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you have the data ready you should definitely should!! It takes some pressure off the end of year charts πŸ˜‚as well as a way to redirect attention for the rest of the year.. although end of the day it’s just fun πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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