Forte: script by Manon Heugel / Art by Kim Consigny

To get my reviewing mojo back, I wrote most of this and the next review by hand and then sat down to put it on the blog. I hope this helps shake off the stillness that has enveloped the blog and breathe some much-needed life into it. When people spoke of the lack of blogging at the beginning of the pandemic, I did not understand. I was reading and reviewing more than ever before! Now I am in the boat many have sailed in, and some probably still occupy. I am waving an acknowledging hello to you all and sending my wishes for you to reach the familiar, safe and sound.

The graphic novel is a story of the rise of a Brazilian musician from the slums to International fame (of a sort, but that is in effect the implication of the narrative)

It depicts a combination of factors, hard work and lucky interactions that lead to something more. It is a short piece with pretty decent illustrations that do capture the different emotions our leading lady feels through her journey. Some scenes depict the circle of life quite effectively. Overall, it is a simple and quick read that does a good job in narrating an interesting tale. There is not much more that I can acknowledge in a review of a work of this length, but it does pack a lot in, especially the different types of relationships people have. Flavia’s rise is something that might intrigue even those who have never trained or been interested in music. I actually would have liked more in terms of content, to know more about the events that might have taken place in the world shown to us.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

4 thoughts on “Forte: script by Manon Heugel / Art by Kim Consigny”

  1. I lost my mojo and haven’t really got it back. It is just that I have Blog Tours so I am reading just to keep up with that. Else, I would have not read anything.
    The brain is thinking only of survival hence other things fall away
    Glad you are getting it back. Be gentle to yourself

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