Everything You Are Kerry Anne King

Everything You Are audiobook cover art
Narrated by: Will Damron

I picked this up solely on the basis of the cover appeal and that I was looking for a new type of book to read.

This story has hints of magical realism woven through the lives of three unsuspecting music lovers. The innocuous beginning just indicates a ‘special’ musical instruments shop. How special it is and what happens after an agreement is broken is the rest of the narrative. Our leading lady makes the instruments, although she is harbouring a secret which may hold a lot of importance. Then, we have the washed out musician who has lost his ability to play, and with it the will to live. His daughter might need him and that might be just the kind of boost he needs. Addictions are addressed a lot in the narrative and overall it is a romantic story of found families and how to overcome the past. I might read more by the author when I get the chance and the narration was smooth and effective.

My last KU review was: True to Me by Kay Bratt and my queue now looks like this:

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