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Six in Six – 2020 Edition

The first half of the year is over and the time for this meme has rolled around again. You can find the details as well as the entire list of questions on Jo’s Blog @ The Book Jotter. The idea is to share six books in six categories where books can appear in more categories than one, but since I usually do not repeat. I have linked all the reviews to the cover pages, ou can jump back to them if they look even remotely interesting. I have had fun putting these together! Onto my reviews for July since I read a great variety yeasterday.

My last years’ lists are:

1 ) Six authors I am looking forward to reading more of

53800234. sy475
Finally I think I can pick up more Bellairs
The Mammoth Murders (Minokee Mysteries 2)
I don’t think I”ll get a chance but the books in this series were short and sweet

I’ve already started from the 1st book
52984475. sx318 sy475
This was a fun revisit to an old author, and I plan to continue

Really enjoyed the narrative style
I would like to know what happens next

2) Six books I abandoned

I normally do not focus on this since I do not have reviews to share, but thought I could mix it up a little

51245946. sx318 sy475
48550622. sy475

3) Six book covers that bear no resemblance to the story contained within

I used this to indicate that ones that I thought do not accurately depict the tone of the content or even the content itself.

Lost Girl: A Shelby Day Novel
52895070. sx318 sy475

4) Six physical books I have read

This year, with the lockdown and the library system on hold, I have read fewer physical books than I usually do by this time. As a reminder to myself I thought I should pick this topic

36809135. sy475
39346652. sy475
40097951. sx318

5) Six From the Non-Fiction Shelf

I will of course be dealing with this later but it is always fun to see how far I have come

18 Tiny Deaths: The Untold Story of Frances Glessner Lee and the Invention of Modern Forensics
52508037. sx318
51071687. sy475
52639747. sx318 sy475
50645484. sy475

6) Six series of books read or started

As always, I am a great supporter of series’. The longer the better, when well written has been my motto. I recently got two of my friends hooked to Robin Hobb’s Elderlings series and even my sister who is not a reader was caught till she had to go back to work full time. So in that sense I think its been a good first half for me as an influencer!!- In the most simplest use of that term. Also, I am only sticking with the series that I started this year and may or may not have read more .

51285522. sx318 sy475
49245491. sx318
52437184. sy475

8 thoughts on “Six in Six – 2020 Edition”

  1. Thank you very much for joining in again. I totally agree about the Bella Osborne book, in fact I thought the title was very misleading as well. A great category, will have to add that on.

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  2. Hey Anjana 👋 Just stopping by from Jo’s Six in Six roundup post! Always great to hear someone else loves a good, long series too! Sorry to hear you had abandon 6 books though – I wouldn’t be able to do that category even if I wanted to as I’ve fortunately, only abandoned 1 book this year. 😃
    Here’s my Six in Six post for this year, if you fancy checking it out: 🙂

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