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Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow by Jessica Redland

I have read, reviewed and liked a recent rerelease of the first books of the Whistborough series. I had high expectations for this book because of my previous experience.
The leading lady here is quite simply put a charming doormat. She has a heart of gold and puts everyone’s needs before hers. The worst part of this situation is that she does not see herself in that role and therefore, cannot correct the situation. This lack of self-realisation goes on till she is pushed off the deep end, a majority of her family turn on her in the most atrocious of ways.
Her growth through the book is the more appealing part of the story as is the seamless writing. The hedgehogs are a bonus, but they only feature as a concept and are only physically present at the very end. Sam lives with the need to keep people around her happy, which includes being there when the man she hoped to live happily ever after with marries her cousin. On the same day, her paths cross with an older man who will change her life. The people who stand by her make for a very entertaining read and even an uplifting one. On the flip side, her mother’s relationship with her seems almost caricaturish because if the final reveal is true, the behaviour should have been extended to Chloe (the cousin) too, which did not happen. Also, I wish the rushed romance was not part of Sam’s story because she is so much more exciting and vivid without that thrown in there. Maybe if there were a second or third book, I would have liked to see the gradual entry of a man in her life then.
Finally, I should say this did make me tear up in many places and overall was satisfied with the content but given the draw that my previous reads by the author held, this wasn’t one for me. I have already queued two more books by her and will get to them in the next month and am looking forward to it.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley. My review is entirely based on my reading experience, as well as my prior reading of the author’s books.

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