The Caretakers by Eliza Maxwell

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Narrated by Janet Metzger, Erin Mallon 

I have been lax in writing reviews of late, mostly because I was obsessively reading a series I hope to be able to review at the end of the month. We have had the misfortune of plunging into a third wave earlier last week(being the more potent than our previous brushes with Covid) which meant abrupt stopping of libraries and their services. Even our extremely shielded apartment gym that had only just started functioning with a lot of actual physical barriers between machines had to shut down.

I listened to this book a while ago, and the one thing that has lingered has to be the ambience. The tone of the narration was so well done that I kept thinking it was one kind of book when it turned out to be a whole other genre altogether. There are two completely separate halves of a story in this, both culminate at the same location but otherwise exist as individual entities. In the present, we have sisters torn apart by one tragic event and the only remaining bond between them being their mother. Tessa is a filmmaker who made a documentary which has given a new lease of life to a wrongly accused man. What he does with the time he has gained is shocking to almost everyone while being tragically realistic. Also in the present, we have the old caretakers living amongst the swirl of half-remembered memories (in the case of one) and ghosts that those memories conjure up. While the memories are being untangled how the past unfolded. A part of the twist I guessed while the other part took me entirely by surprise in a spike of thrill. I enjoyed this enough to immediately queue another of this author’s books to read/listen to soon.

I made a few changes and my KU queue now looks like this:

 Brave Girl, Quiet Girl audiobook cover art Gone to Darkness audiobook cover art What Lies Between Us audiobook cover art Yellow Crocus audiobook cover art Don't Make a Sound audiobook cover art The Case of the Counterfeit Eye audiobook cover art The Body Counter audiobook cover art 45421662. sx318 53939794. sx318 The Buried World audiobook cover art

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