The Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1) by Andrew Mayne

I have reviewed another series by the author previously on the blog:

The Naturalist audiobook cover art
 Looking Glass audiobook cover art Murder Theory audiobook cover art Dark Pattern audiobook cover art
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Narrated by Susannah Jones 

I keep hoping for a change, thinking that I will write more regularly but it has yet to happen. Maybe today is the day. I went back to reading multiple books simultaneously to kickstart the next binge of reading/writing/reviewing. The results of such a plan should become clear by the end of the week.

This is yet another audiobook I listened to more than a week ago but am only reviewing it now. I also need to preface this review with the fact that I really enjoyed the ‘newness’ of the previous series I read by the same author, and this has coloured my experience with this one. The premise and the foundation of the book have shown potential to be engaging in the future. In this particular installment, however, I struggled to feel invested. I did not seem to care for the outcome, although the narrative voice did an excellent job (both of the author and the narrator). We have Florida native Sloan McPherson, who is a diver for the local and state law enforcement (when required). Her family name comes with a lot of baggage which makes her stick out in all her surroundings because of the company she chooses to keep. When she unexpectedly finds a body, she gets embroiled in something much bigger than her, and although we are told multiple times of the urgency of the situation, I did not ‘feel’ it. Sloan talks to herself in a very entertaining fashion, and the new relationships she forges, as well as the realisations she comes to about her existing ones, add a lot of flavour to the content.
At the end of the book, we are given a few tantalising clues to what Sloan and the new unit she is bound to might get involved in. That is why I will definitely be picking up the next whenever I can!

 Brave Girl, Quiet Girl audiobook cover art Gone to Darkness audiobook cover art What Lies Between Us audiobook cover art Yellow Crocus audiobook cover art Don't Make a Sound audiobook cover art The Case of the Counterfeit Eye audiobook cover art The Body Counter audiobook cover art 45421662. sx318 53939794. sx318 The Buried World audiobook cover art

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