Sci Fi

Malorie by Josh Malerman

Narrated by Katherine Mangold

This is the first audiobook which I downloaded from NetGalley when they added them to their galleys earlier this month. I am so happy with this new change, although I have to work on my profile section in order to qualify for the ones which are not downloadable and have to be requested.

I am a big fan of audiobooks when on the move. Unfortunately, I have not been on the move as often as I would like given the resurgence of Covid locally. I had to learn to use a new app to hear this. I did not realise that it does not reserve the place when you stop listening and a bookmark is required to start where you left off. Despite all this, it was an immersive experience. Malorie was a little too profane for my liking but given the circumstances she has found herself for most of her adult life, it is to be expected. We start where we left off in the previous book Birdbox. I was not so taken by the first but attempted the second just in case. It was different because of the number of voices we are given access to and overall I liked it. When we last left Malorie, she had arrived at a safe spot, or so she thinks. Despite the relative stability she remains hyper vigilant in order to keep her kids safe. Then the story jumps a decade. Her children are teens with their own troubles and secrets. Her son Tom is differentiated by calling the older character Tom the man. This particular quirk never got annoying despite the number of times it was used (surprisingly!). Tom is rebelling against everything his mother wants him to do and another dangerous journey is in the offing.

The audio narration was good and the story was more about how people see themselves and interpersonal relationships and dynamics are the focus as compared to the dystopian scenario itself. The conclusion wrapped a lot of things in a neat bow but still felt a little dull. It is a good book and people who enjoyed the first will find satisfaction in this sequel (I think).

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own listening experience.

I had a book blogging question: How does one maintain blog hopping amidst their regular routine? I miss a few days and the number of posts pile up to such an enormous amount that I am never able to catch up!! This also means that I do not end up sharing them as I intend to, something I keep telling myself I should work towards!

13 thoughts on “Malorie by Josh Malerman”

  1. Great review. I too felt this was not as good as bird box. I would fall asleep as soon as I heard teh narrator’s voice so I had to listen to it on the morning. I would say it was a good conclusion but could have been better

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  2. I loved Birdbox and to be honest I was happy to leave it at that. I liked the mystery of not knowing what happens next.
    As for blog hopping, it’s easy to get behind with posts but I read and share what I can each day. I don’t tend to go back to previous days and so start each days sharing fresh. There’s just not enough time for me to share everyone’s xx

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      1. I hadn’t realised there was going to be a second book when I read Bird Box, so I kind of liked the fact that they made it up the river and that to me felt like a good conclusion to the story. I suppose for me it feels like it’s complete already, if that makes sense😁

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