#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashBackFriday August 2019

I had no proper internet or the will to compile this post earlier and just like I skipped the previous month’s end of month compilations, I almost skipped this too. Then, when I realised that today was Friday, I thought “why not?”.

This is a meme hosted by Kerry @ Chat About Books and it is a look back at your posts for this month, the year before. I have linked all my reviews to the cover pages in case anyone is interested in checking out my thoughts on the individual works all that time ago (they did surprise me!)

My Posts for August 2019:

My Books for August 2019:

Books I gave 5 stars to:

Books I gave 4 stars to:

45697778. sx318
41941681. sy475
45692553. sy475
44890839. sy475
44890837. sy475
6473203. sy475

Books I gave 3 stars to:

44342381. sx318
45697713. sx318
44890838. sy475

Books I did not enjoy:


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