Drama, Historical fiction

The Sun Sister (The Seven Sisters #6) by Lucinda Riley

I have read and reviewed the previous books of the series on my blog in the post Seven Sisters- #2 #3 #4 #5 by Lucinda Riley

Although I liked this book, it did not rank better than the ones I liked previously but I did like it better than Cece’s story.

This is my first book that I borrowed at the library with my new membership in a whole new country. It is hard to not compare the range of the books I have here with what I previously had access to. I feel like I should have made better use of it when I had the chance. Anyway, here’s to moving on to different things.

If you have not checked out my earlier reviews, I recommend stopping by because This series has a repetitive first half. It talks of where each sister(there are six of them), in this case, Electra, was when the news of their father’s death reached them. There is a lot that Electra has to deal with, especially her addiction to any form of intoxicants to deal with her mental turmoil. To anyone on the outside, her life should have been reason enough to be happy, but things are not that simple. This time around, we get to visit Kenya to see where her past would lead us. I found it fascinating to watch the ex-pats live such a double life in Kenya and the way they removed themselves from the more serious questions of what they were doing there in the first place.Electra is polite and treats others better than she treats herself, which made it bearable to read about the events that unfold. It is easier to be rooting for a semi-likeable protagonist to find her happy place. There were only a few hints about the ‘mystery’ of the seventh sister as well as suspicions about the death of the father but nothing was revealed. Especially when compared to the previous instalments, there was much less information to add to the existing storyline, therefore, making this purely the tale of the rise of the sixth sister.

I will read the next just to get closure and hope it will be an appropriate culmination of the series as a whole!

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