Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1) by Neal Shusterman

I have been lax in reading which has led to a lull here ( for once it was not just laziness). With the week beginning, I am trying to set my routine in earnest including the often neglected task of picking up after myself immediately. This should lead to more reviews and hopefully a new lease of life for the blog.

Narrated by: Greg Tremblay

It is tough to escape the mention of this book/series in the blogosphere, and I was not immune to the lure. I was unable to get my hands on a copy earlier, but in the limited (but exciting) audiobooks available to me through the library’s Borrowbox account I managed to listen to it in audio format.

The book drops us into a warped version of utopia. It is a perfect setup to be debated upon by a group of like or even unlike-minded individuals. Utopia is supposed to be an ideal situation where one lives happily. Happiness is usually associated with being well in mind and body. With the advancement of technology, both of those things are now always at acceptable levels. There is no pain nor death for an individual. Since procreation still occurs, there is a need to somehow keep the population in check. Here is where the Scythes come into the picture. I would advise going into the book with just this information about the story and nothing at all about the people we are to encounter in it. It was a slower narrative than I would expect for such a theme but the descriptions and the discussions that could stem from those, are very vivid. It is not an exceptionally great book, but a unique one and that in itself is an excellent attribute to carry.

The characters that we (might) champion all have grey areas, but that makes them all the more realistic. I intend to read the next book if and when I get the chance, but I think this works well as a standalone as well (despite some unanswered questions about the future of Scythedom that are not so prominent by the time the book closes).

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