Chick lit, Mystery

In My Attic (A Magical Misfits Mystery #1) by Lina Hansen

This is the first in a new series of cozy mystery with a healthy dose of magic thrown in. Even if the name does not give it away, the characters and the not-so-subtle conversations fill in that required information. We have our leading lady called back to her aunt's bed-and-breakfast after an accident occurs on-site.… Continue reading In My Attic (A Magical Misfits Mystery #1) by Lina Hansen

Chick lit, Mystery, Short Stories

Mystery Follows her – Assorted authors

I have had a love-hate relationship with both short stories as well as cozy mysteries featuring enterprising young women. With this book, I wanted to test my interest in both. I recently loved a collection of historical cozies so I thought I might enjoy this one too. Debating and procrastinating this review held up a… Continue reading Mystery Follows her – Assorted authors