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Mystery Follows her – Assorted authors

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I have had a love-hate relationship with both short stories as well as cozy mysteries featuring enterprising young women. With this book, I wanted to test my interest in both. I recently loved a collection of historical cozies so I thought I might enjoy this one too.

Debating and procrastinating this review held up a lot of other reviews since I wanted to individually elaborate on what worked for me and what didn’t. This can clarify to anyone interested in picking it up if they would find it more like something they’d enjoy.

This is a collection of stories by multiple authors, some of whom have working series’ with the protagonists mentioned in the chapters. 

Overall I must say that it was an okay read for me, I am sure it would be much better for people who like more such mysteries than I.

ThanksGiving and Theft – Dianne Ascroft

  • A simple and straightforward tale of a mugging and the unofficial investigation that follows. 
  • Solved more by circumstances than by the protagonists
  • Many obvious signs were ignored during the narrative, which always bothers me.

Buried by the Beach – Ellen Jacobson

  • I found it hard to be invested
  • Prolonged treasure hunt 
  • The twist was partially entertaining.

Closed out – Tamara Woods

  • Good start to a new series, I would probably like the full-length ones more than I liked this one.
  • There was a toilet scene which revealed information to our lead but seemed random given what we find out later about the circumstances.
  • Other than the loophole mentioned above, it was a decent story.

Treasures in heaven – Sarah Biglow

  • Intrigue in an American army settlement in the middle east
  • Straightforward without any twists.
  • The pacing was fast, and I could read it all quite quickly.

Ring Gone ’round the roses – Aubrey Elle

  • Liked the writing style
  • The answer was evident since the number of people involved and the geographical area of the story is limited
  • I would, if given a chance, pick up the rest of the series.

Mystery of the Stolen Ring – Beate Boeker

  • Location and the narrative style was unique. It was a dual narration with two characters alternating.
  • It was not an incredibly convoluted story but with likeable characters making it an easy read.

When the clock chimes two – Adriana Licio

  • Plot-wise the best of the lot, I did not see the twists coming.
  • For once, I did not want the extra stage setting with the perfumery. I would have liked to jump blind into a once meek woman suddenly being accused of murder.

Hijinks in Ajijic – Vikki Walton

  • Dog sitting endeavour gone wrong, the exact issue is hard to grasp at first.
  • I found the loophole quite early on but was willing to watch it play out. 
  • Some extra information weeded out might have actually helped it be more intriguing.

Vendors and Villains – Angela K.Ryan

  • Missing necklace from a fair trade stand
  • The investigations did not interest me, but the final revelation was welcome.

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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