Murder in Chianti (Tuscan Mystery #1) by Camilla Trinchieri

This book is an interesting first for a series. It lays good groundwork for morally (mildly) grey characters. It borders between normal police procedural and a cozy mystery. I will not go into the details of why that is the case, but I do not recommend going into it if you are not fond of… Continue reading Murder in Chianti (Tuscan Mystery #1) by Camilla Trinchieri

Chick lit

What If? by Shari Low

I have not picked up the author's work previously, but I wanted to see what kind of books were being written in this genre all those years ago.At the start of the book, the author does remind us about the lack of social media and how at the point phones were still tethered to a… Continue reading What If? by Shari Low