#FlashbackFriday, Meme

#FlashBackFriday December 2019

My last post for this meme was #FlashBackFriday November 2019. This is the first December I will not be in India in the last 7 years. I should at least use that time to make a better end of year post, and finish any project I started this year- let’s see if I can keep these resolutions before Jan 1! This year’s December posts list will definitely be very, very different than last year’s.

 I always want to participate and browse through my old reviews. This is a monthly meme hosted by Kerry @ ChatAboutBooks and is a look back at all the posts made the previous year on the same month. Please do check out the old reviews if you find the cover intriguing, turns out some of the reviews are actually pretty interesing.

Posts made in November 2019

Books I gave 5 stars to

49525768. sx318 sy475
Dark Pattern audiobook cover art

Books I gave 4 stars to

The Poison Garden audiobook cover art
43886400. sx318
Cryptofauna audiobook cover art
When She Returned audiobook cover art
37558445. sy475
45187248. sx318
46133799. sx318

Books I gave 3 stars to

Whisper of Bones audiobook cover art
Bred in the Bone audiobook cover art
The Wonder of Now audiobook cover art

Books I did not enjoy

44568736. sy475

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