The Heatwave by Katerina Diamond


I did not like this book. For once, it was not the plot twist that put me off (as it is usually with thrillers and me). I respect the twist and has no quarrels with it despite having guessed it before the reveal. 

What I had trouble with was the imagery that the narrative threw up. The girls are sixteen, and their behaviour is very off-putting, so is the implication that it is the norm and everyone behaves just the same way! Their age and the situations they find themselves in made me were uncomfortable.

We meet our lead protagonist leading a comfortable married life when she hears of a missing girl in her home town. The parallels are too many to ignore, and it forces her to head back. This decision throws her back into the past and the place she once thought she had escaped. In the dual timeline scenario, we are shown the ‘then’ images of the events, some of which make more sense after more revelations.

This has once again hinted at the fact that thrillers may not be for me- something I might not wholly heed the next time an interesting blurb catches my eye, only time can tell!

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I received an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the publishers, but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience. 

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