The Two Hundred Ghost by Henrietta Hamilton

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I have read and reviewed another book in this series, surprisingly it looks like the story here preceded the other.

Book is still available for request on NetGalley as of the writing of this post

I have read and reviewed another book by this author, but when I sat down with this one, I realised I had not done any research. I was a little perplexed with the narrator being Sally Merton. I thought she was undercover since the previous book had her happily married, and here she was single. It took me almost till the end of the first chapter to figure that this preceded the other that I read! Now, I rated them both the same on Goodreads, but I think this is better than the other.

Sally is a diligent employee of an antique book dealership. She works late and is fending off the advances of a boorish higher-up when others come to her rescue. During the initial narrative, we are smoothly provided all the required details of everyone who make up the ‘world’ of the book. Once the death occurs, Sally is thrown right in because she holds some salient facts to herself before the Police come by it on their own accord. As one after another people she likes and trusts are accused, she strives to find the solution. She is not alone in this, Jhonny, one of the bosses, helps her. Their romance is so sweet that I almost switched my focus on to them from the mystery. There is so little time spent in building up and describing their budding relationship, despite which it came to the forefront pretty strongly. I know they are married by the next book, but even if I did not have that info, I would have ‘shipped’ them.
The mystery itself was straightforward, and I did not guess the culprit this time around. I followed the thought process of our lead pair and arrived at a conclusion at the same time as them. Truthfully speaking, they did not completely solve the mystery since the villain reveals themself. Sally and Johnny were pretty close, and they worked intelligently on the case, and I have to give them (and the author) the credit for it.
I enjoyed the read, it was short and interesting throughout. My mind did not drift, and I read it in almost one stretch. I hope there are more releases from this series in the future.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I received an ARC of the reprint thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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