Horror, Thriller

The Craftsman by Sharon J. Bolton

I have seen rave reviews for this book on the blogosphere
the last two years. I was in two minds about picking it up when I finally saw it on my library shelf. There is always that fear with following the hype, with enough disappointments in the past, I remain wary.

I needn’t have worried about this one. Although it was not something I would rave about myself, I liked it. The book begins at a funeral for a sentenced killer. The press is there in full force and just being there sets Florence Lovelady back. It has been three decades since her personal involvement in the case and just being in the vicinity troubles her.

What starts off as mild doubts then full-blown panic over what must have actually happened all those years ago. There is a supernatural element to the narrative that starts off in the background but slowly takes centre stage. If a reader is not fond of the idea of the intermingling of police procedurals with the possibility of ‘magic’, this book should be avoided. It was not as fast-paced as I expected, but the characters were very vivid in their descriptions, and I kept jumping to conclusions which were sometimes refuted. I did get to the solutions a little before the revelations, but I think the author intended that. Overall I would pick up another book by the author if I had the chance and I am happy enough to move the book from the ‘want to read’ shelf.

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