The Silence (Columbia River #2) by Kendra Elliot

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Narrated by : Emily Sutton-Smith 

I only found out that I had forgotten to review this book or even note anywhere that I had read it until I was compiling one of my year-end lists! This was odd, and I decided that I ought to correct the error.

This is listed as the second book in the Columbia River series, but we actually go back to focusing on Ava and Mason from another long-running series by the author. This can be read as a standalone, or in the right order to understand the current events. However, the undercurrents that run through the narrative can only be appreciated if you have a running knowledge of all the recurring characters.

I remember all the characters from before and can vouch for the intensity factor of seeing them all in these situations. 

The case begins with a strange call that Mason attends, which leads to a possible attack, which leads to further disastrous consequences. Ava’s name is tied up in all of this, and top it all, her sister is in the picture again. I guessed a few of the twists and felt like scolding them for not getting it, but otherwise, it was an utterly action-packed storyline. I did not feel as invested as in the previous case, and mostly because of the fact that I guessed certain critical features in the narrative, I did not like it as much as I liked her previous works.

I only rated this book the way I have because I have read almost all the author’s main series’ and appreciate the depth into which she takes her narrative.

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