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The Little Swiss Ski Chalet by Julie Caplin

For my last actual review of the year, I decided to pick a book I just finished listening to. I also crammed in this last review because I like the idea of a nice round figure for the read shelf on Goodreads this year!

Book is still up for requesting on NetGalley

I wanted to listen to something light while I tried my latest knitting project. This seemed to fit the bill just right. First off, I must commend the narrator on a fabulous job. I listened to the audiobook at 1.25x and enjoyed every nuance that the narrator added into the story.

The beginning is simple enough, we have our leading lady- the impulsive Mina. She has jumped to imagining a future so clearly that she does not see the danger signs. This drops her into an ugly scenario from which she runs far, far away. She finds herself in a Ski Chalet in Switzerland with its own all-absorbing world. She learns, grows and comes to terms with herself. There is, of course, the caring, too-good-to-be-true love interest who adds that extra dimension. There are tinier love stories strewn into the narrative that does not detract from anything and only add extra laughs in the mix.

Finally, it should be more than evident to any reader that this is supposed to be a romantic story set in a scenic place with many delicious sounding jobs as the foundation. It delivers precisely that. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the author, exotically placed romantic stories or even for anyone who has enjoyed their visit to Switzerland!

I received an ARC thanks to NetGalley and the publishers, the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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    1. Thank you! And no actually 😅 I’ve actually read a few more that I never got the mood to review on paper/record they will get carried over for next year..😄so I hit the ground running in 2021

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