Perry Mason #10, #11 by Erle Stanley Gardner

There is no significance to me starting my reviews of the year with these two reviews ( I wish I could have started with a more nuanced review post for 2021 but I did not wait any longer for inspiration)

Both these books were through my KU membership and Narrated by Alexander Cendese who did a great job as usual!

Like the previous works, this was a short and snappy book. It begins with a woman who finds her way into Perry Mason’s office and asks him to do a mildly shady deal(all completely legal). He is intrigued enough to jump right in. This leads him to be on the spot on a gambling ship and likely held accountable for a death. There are enough people keeping secrets from him that he has a few hiccups before finding the right answer at just the most dramatically opportune moment. There is a lot of footwork with the back, and forth that might make it seem like the story was longer than the listening time it gave it credit. All the characters stayed true to cast and played their roles admirably, in short, an entertaining listen.

Perry Mason is extremely amused in this and only takes the case because a woman walked into the office with a lame canary to hire him on behalf of her sister. This seems simple enough at the outset, as is the explanation the lady gives him. Of course, though, things are not as they seem. The minute he starts investigating, things turn bleaker for everyone concerned. There are a lot of character plays here. First, we have the sisters, who choose to react differently when placed in the same spot. Then, of course, we have Della whose relationship with Mason I never really understood, and she is planning a world tour that she fully intends to take regardless of the situation their latest case puts them in. Finally, we have the best reveal of the Perry Mason books I have picked up since I started listening to the books.

I have reviewed the following books previously on the blog: (I have access to audible for only a few of them, hence the randomness)

The Case of the Sulky Girl cover art
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The Case of the Counterfeit Eye cover art

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    1. Funnily enough I’m a little embarrassed by the covers 🙈..I read the ones with the black covers in school ..these are way more racy than the story requires but they are the ones on the audiobooks so those are the ones I used 😅😃

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