Thriller, Young Adult/Children

One of Us Is Next (One of Us Is Lying #2) by Karen M. McManus

I reviewed the first book of the series: here and another book by the author : here

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If this was any other author, I would have probably thought that this was a sequel that nobody asked for and did not want. But with this author, it is hard to resist reading and liking something about it. 

It is not far behind the previous book with the death and the twist that I saw coming (and was not annoyed about..much). The school has struggled under the weight of the scandal, and everything that that involved. Unsurprisingly, the revelations in the last visit seemed to have fueled many wannabe scandalmongers to mimic some of the plans deployed earlier to make people’s lives miserable. It was not hard to accept that high schoolers might hitch their wagon onto more interesting schemes than actual good ones.

We have a next-gen ( of the previous participants) approach to the plot. I highly recommend reading the first before this one because otherwise, it might seem like something was missing. One of the active participants in the last book is the ringleader of the investigation this time around. We have three distinct voices which show us all the chaos that is unfolding around them. I once again saw a certain twist coming, but the last chapter and how it ended had me forgiving that point and bumping it up a star.

I am not talking of the individuals because there are too many moving pieces, and I cannot do justice to introducing them while trying to make sure that I do not give away anything.

I continue to like the writing style and the ease with which I can pick up and read books by this author from cover to cover in as few sittings as possible. 

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