Historical fiction, Mystery

The Mitford Murders (Mitford Murders #1) by Jessica Fellowes

In order to re-enter the zone of writing actual content on the blog which I would like to read a few years on, I set down actual pen to paper. I hoped this action would stimulate that which has been missing and I might (once again) attempt to kick start my old processes. Since I finally went to pick up a book at the library yesterday, I thought I should begin with the books I just returned. So with this review, here goes…

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I picked this book up at the library solely because it was the first in a long series. This has always been a way for me to isolate a ‘good catch’.
This is a historical fiction that stays true to its genre by using actual facts while playing around with the people who lived in that era. It had an interesting premise and many appropriately interesting bits but was slow going with too many individual parts that seemed too removed from each other despite being interlinked. I came away with the feeling that there was promise hidden somewhere I couldn’t get at and for better possibilities for future books.
The story begins with the death of a well-loved nurse in a train carriage. It is a locked roomish scenario with a seemingly benign lady who had no enemies. In the forefront, we have two women from the opposite ends of the social structure whose paths cross and both get caught up with this murder. They try to solve it while also attempting to live their usual lives.
The murder eventually gets solved in the end, but by then, I was not so vested in that storyline. I still liked all the vivid characters and would pick up the next (although I have not made any active effort in hunting it down yet).

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