Comics & Graphic Novel, Horror

The Neil Gaiman Library Volume 3 (Neil Gaiman Library #3)


I read a few volumes of The Sandman by the author a long time ago. When I saw an advance copy of this, I thought I could give this a shot as well. I requested in on Edelweiss+, and that has not impacted my review in any manner. The drawings and the stories themselves pack enough of a punch to warrant a very visceral reaction.
This collection is not for the faint of heart or those who offend easily. It is a collection of unexpectedly twisted older fairytales/stories, made all the more graphic with very intricate depiction. They are all hauntingly striking and add a level of horror to it all.
There are four stories in all, each illustrated by a different illustrator in varying ways. Each of the stories does not look like the other. I am glad I gave it a chance, but I will not be picking it up again; it took me a while to shake off the images from my head.
I would recommend it to true fans of this genre or the author or both.

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